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The prices shown on the website are retail prices, already include 16% VAT and are subject to change without notice. On the website the variation may vary due to the type of shipping.
The product information advertised on our website is accurate to the product characteristics. The colours of our products are accurate, however there may be some variation as they will depend on the monitor in use and for this reason we cannot guarantee the accuracy of any of the colours shown on your monitor. Also, we remind you that the images or photographs are for illustrative purposes only and displayed to support your purchase.
Our products are limited editions, so if your shopping cart does not allow you to purchase the required amount of product, you should contact our customer service email to review the existing inventory. In case you have made the purchase and the product is no longer available, we ask you to contact us so that we can make the appropriate refund.
At checkout, if your payment is validated or authorised, we will email you confirmation of your order and details of your purchase. For those orders that request payment by electronic transfer or deposit, your payment confirmation will be sent to you once your deposit or transfer has been confirmed, sending us a copy of your receipt by email.
In the case of products purchased via Paypal, or other electronic means, we will not proceed with the shipment until the transaction has been paid in full. If we do not receive payment or confirmation of payment from Paypal or other means, after 2 days, the purchase will be considered cancelled, unless the customer notifies us of a payment date.
Once you have placed your order on our website, the purchase process begins. For this reason, if in the next 36 hours you do not receive the purchase confirmation email where your payment has been validated or authorised, you must log in to the website and access your account (if you are registered) to verify the execution of your order or call our customer service telephone numbers and check the status of your order. Once your payment has been validated, the products will be shipped to the address provided according to the delivery time informed in the confirmation or you will be contacted to inform you of the date on which you can pick up the items according to the delivery method requested in your purchase. In any case where additional information is required to accept your order, you will be contacted by telephone no later than 24-48 hours after your purchase to provide the necessary identification to validate your payment method.
The warranty is defined as any breakdown or malfunction that the product has exclusively due to manufacturing defects, for which the company will only be responsible when it is proven that such breakdown has not been generated by the customer or the carrier company responsible for delivering the package. Once the user communicates, presents his case of guarantee and makes us arrive his product, we will proceed to the necessary adjustment or repair, in case of being necessary a physical change and no longer exists the product because they are of limited edition, we will give the option to choose another similar product, THE GUARANTEE OF OUR PRODUCTS IS 6 MONTHS.
The following is required for a warranty to proceed and for us to receive your product:
- The product does not show damage due to misuse or mistreatment of the product, and demonstrates the manufacturing defect.
- Contact us, we will review the repair and proceed with the process of sending the product for repair. The product must be shipped in packaging that will safeguard it in its entirety during transport to our warehouse.
Damage to your product caused by the carrier during transport is not considered as a guarantee, so you must request compensation directly with the company selected for your shipment. It is important that you always request that your goods are insured so that the third party carrier covers your loss or damage in full. The shipment of the products is at the risk of the buyer, so having purchased on our website, and once you have delivered your material to the carrier, you release us from all responsibility for the condition of your material for any mishandling or mishandling of your package. For this reason you will have to present your claim directly to the carrier.
To make a return please refer to our returns process.
For any type of refund and in case of having paid through Mercado Pago or Paypal, the time of return of the resources will be subject to the time established by these platforms as well as the time established by the Receiving Bank. Likewise, all refunds will be made using the same method of payment received and cannot be made by any other means.
Claims for damage during the transport of the product are not considered to be subject to refund and the customer must file a complaint with the corresponding transport company in order for them to compensate for the damage caused.
The total delivery time of your order is the period of time from the time you place your order to the time you receive it. The total delivery time of an order is made up of two parts: processing time and shipping time.
The processing time corresponds to the validation of the order, confirmation of payment, packaging of your order and delivery of the order to the courier service or third party carrier, so the processing of your order may take 1 to 2 working days.
It is important that the user checks the delivery times before validating their purchase as we offer different shipping methods and in all of them the delivery time will begin to run from the moment you receive the confirmation email of your shipment along with the tracking number and depending on the type of shipment selected.
For added security, we provide you with our contact email address to notify us of any unauthorised use of your account or password. Therefore, we remind you that as the user and/or account holder you are solely responsible for keeping your password and other secure account identifiers confidential.
The company is not responsible for the goods once the delivery time has expired, either when you make your purchase online when the goods have been delivered to the carrier or at our physical points of sale.